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In anticipation of the most anticipated and favorite holidays of New Year and Christmas in the institution "Vitebsk regional organizational structure" rgoo "boor" held competition of children's drawing "the Forest and its inhabitants".

The competition was attended by children from all districts of the Vitebsk region. More than one hundred thirty works of young artists were sent from different parts of the Vitebsk region.

A jury consisting of professional artists, faced with a very difficult task, because the work struck his imagination, sincerity and professionalism. The contest gave everyone present a fabulous, pre-holiday atmosphere.

Still, the competition remains competition and the jury after a long discussion, recognized the winners of the contest of children's drawings 25 works of young artists.

The head of the institution "Vitebsk regional organizational structure" rgoo "boor" the decision on the promotion of works that took prizes and won the nomination. Selected works are marked with diplomas and valuable gifts that will be handed over personally to each child.


about the conduct of the regional contest of children's drawings on the theme

"The forest and its inhabitants"

13.12.2017 year


1. Summing up the regional drawing contest "the Forest and its inhabitants"

The goals and objectives of the competition are: the identification of talented children in the field of artistic creativity, development of creative abilities of children, to promote principles of respect for the forest and its inhabitants, informing young people about the activities of the boor;

The competition was attended by children of two age categories:

at the age of 6-10 years;

at the age of 11-16 years inclusive;

Competition Commission, composed of:

The Chairman of the Commission – head of the office "EHS" rgoo "boor", Rednenko Sergey V.

The Secretary of the Commission – tourism specialist Lutohina Marina Pavlovna

Members of the Commission:

Ph. D., associate Professor, UO Vitebsk state University named P. M. Masherov – medvetsky Alexey Viktorovich

Board member companies "EHS" rgoo "boor" bikes Vasily Mikhailovich

Board member companies "EHS" rgoo "boor" - Ivanov Sergey decided:

2. Take in to consideration the 134 work on children's drawing competition

3. To recognize the winners of the drawing competition:

Age category 6-10 years

1 place

- Korolchik Jan, Dokshitsy

2nd place

- Trainina Anastasia, Volgograd

- Kollontai Xenia, Dokshitsy

3rd place

- Comego Maxim, Dokshitsy

Age group 11-16 years

1 place

- Kozik Milan, Tehran

- Sarcevic Anastasia, Volgograd

2nd place

- Baklushina Maria, Ludhiana

- Budnickaya Christina, Verhnedvinsk

3rd place

- Shepeleva Anna Senno

- Maria Korotkova, Dokshitsy

- Timoshenko Maria, Orsha

In the nomination "Prize of spectator sympathies" have won:

- Alexey Kozlovsky, Orsha

- Tsarev Egor, Orsha

- Avdievich Julia, Chashniki

- Gritskevich Pauline, Deep

- Volochkova Daria, Senno

- Lasun Dasha, Dubrovno

- Svircevic Maya, Postavy

- Alekseenko Daria, Irkutsk

- Daria Korotkova, Dokshitsy

In the category "Imagination and originality" won:

- Yanushkevich Catherine, Miyory

- Avlasenko Darin , Polotsk - Voronovich Dmitry, Vitebsk

In the nomination "Technique" won:

- Stoma Vladislav, Dokshitsy

- Baturin Vasilisa, Talachyn

The winners will be awarded prizes, according to the Appendix № 1 to the Protocol on the conduct of the regional contest of children's drawings on the theme" the Forest and its inhabitants".

The Secretary of the competitive Commission M. P. Lutohina

The Chairman of the competition Commission of S. V. Rednenko