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Indicative of hunting in Vitebsk

In the hunting grounds of the institution "Vitebsk ROS" rgoo "boor" 9 December 2017 hosted the festival of hunting, organised for members of the regional Council of rgoo "boor" and active hunters in Vitebsk region. Driven hunting was conducted to demonstrate the proper organization and strengthening the ethics and traditions of the Belarusian hunting. The event was organized by the institution "Vitebsk regional organizational structure" rgoo "boor", the head of the hunt was the Director of the Vitebsk ROS Points Nicholas.

Before we start with a welcome speech by the Chairman of the institution "Vitebsk OOS" rgoo "boor", Rednenko Sergey, in which he congratulated the participants and invited the right guest hunters solemnly, to the accompaniment of hunting horns, to raise the flag of rgoo "boor". Then the floor was handed to the head of the hunt.

After a report on the economy, descriptions of upcoming pens and detailed safety instructions, participants were presented with Souvenirs. Orange vests donated by the participants will not only the memory of the hunt, but also a crucial way of defining hunter. Then the command was given to be distributed to the cars and the shooters and beaters left on relevant sites.

the First corral took place in a forest Podwinski of kodachi. Small rooms were equipped polyviscose and were the most likely direction of transition of the beast. Thanks to the coordinated work of the beaters, great working qualities of dogs from the pound managed to drive about 15 species of moose. Despite that in terms of withdrawals, there were individuals of moose and ROE deer of any sex and age, following the rules of hunting ethics, the hunters did not shoot at females, leading young, young and promising trophy males. The result of marksmanship was extracted two moose. The result was more than successful and the participants decided to stop the hunt. The main aim of hunting is not harvesting meat and contact with nature, experience exchange and skills improvement.

on arrival at the stopping point, the hunters were greeted with hot tea and soup. While animals produced were delivered to the place of calculations, the participants warmed up by the campfire and discussed all the nuances of the last hunt.

after a while the head of the hunt invited the participants to build. In the festive atmosphere, to the sound of the horn, the awarding of the arrow with the sign "King of the hunt". Because, as in any hunt, there were no annoying misses, the shooter was awarded badges "Defender of nature". Hereinafter, a memorable photo with a lot of trophies, words of gratitude for the work of the head and beaters, and dinner outdoors. The table was again raised, the highlights of the past not only hunting, but also memories of hunts past years.

In the end, by forces of employees of rgoo "boor" was organized hunting, which can be put example of a high level of organization, professionalism of the participants. The result of hunting and its course pointed to the high moral qualities of the hunters knowledge of the laws of ethics. In General, all well rested, enjoyed hunting and socializing with a bad mood and went home.