Vitebsk Regional Organization Structure of the Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishers

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The diversity and richness of the flora and fauna of Vitebsk region attract not only citizens of Belarus, but also foreign citizens, including hunters and fishermen. The unique nature, combined with a large number of wild animals attracts a huge number of not only Russian hunters, but also tourists from Austria, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany.


The largest tenant of hunting grounds in the Republic of Belarus is the Republican State-Public Association "Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen" (RSPA "BSHF").

Functions of the RSPA "BSHF" in the Vitebsk region implements "Vitebsk regional organizational structure" is a part of RSPA "BSHF". In turn, the "Vitebsk regional organizational structure" includes 19 regional organizational structures.

Редненко Сергей Валентинович

The institution "Vitebsk Regional Organizational Structure" is headed by the Republican State Public Association "Belarusian Society of Hunters and Fishermen" - Chairman Sergey Valentinovich Rednenko.

The total area of hunting grounds leased by the regional organizational structures of the BORR of the Vitebsk region is 1,892,500 ha including 702,600 ha of forest, 1,058,500 ha of field and 131,400 ha of wetlands.

Охотничьи базы

About 4,500 moose, about 1,000 deer, about 8,000 European roes, about 1,500 wood grouses, 4,000 black grouses, and about 7,500 beavers live in hunting grounds.

Annually, almost 1 000. roe deer, 700 moose, 30 deer, 50 grouse, 120 black grouses and almost a thousand beavers are mined.

In the institution "Vitebsk Oblast Organizational Structure" RSPA "BSHF" there are 8 hunting bases with all amenities. The Vitebsk region annually receives more than 1000 foreign hunters from different countries of the world.